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VSI Enterprises is the official supplier of chromakey stock footage from the Blue Animals library.

Whether you are filming a feature film, commercial, pop promo, documentary, natural history feature or any other production the Blue Animals stock footage library can help you keep within budget. 

The Blue Animals stock footage library is a unique collaboration between two top broadcast professionals. 

Trevor Smith - the world's most versatile animal trainer - and the highly acclaimed producer-director John Gubba.

Animal trainer Trevor Smith - star of the hit TV series WILD THING - has well over 30 years experience filming with just about every animal you can imagine. 

From a house fly to a hippo this real-life Dr Dolittle guarantees to provide that animal magic for your next production.

If it's not in the Blue Animals library already the world's most versatile animal trainer Trevor Smith will guarantee the footage you require.



For further details contact John Gubba on

01628 477006 or Trevor Smith on +44 (0) 795 656 4715

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