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Meet The Animals Work Team

Trevor has searched high and low to find the best of the best, so we can provide the best service for your project.

Trevor Smith

Trevor Smith Animal Wrangler

Trevor Smith is the man behind Animals Work, with over 40 years experience in TV and Film and dedicating his whole life to animals.

Trevor will guarantee the shot you require or the best way to get what you want.

Carol Jones

Carol Jones Animal Wrangler

I have worked with Trevor since October 1998 and previously worked in a customer-based environment which helped enormously in my dealings with our clients and whilst on set.

I generally coordinate the bookings relating to the domestic animal side of the business and regularly attend shoots to handle the animals according to requirements and ensure that the shots are achieved satisfactorily.


I presently have my own cat and pony and have owned a variety of reptiles, dogs and other creatures in my life! 

Celso Robayo

Celso Robayo Animal Wrangler

My name is Celso Robayo.

I was born in the Amazon Rain Forest - Ecuador - South America; I am descended from the Inca on my mother's side and from indigenous Ecuadorian jungle Indian on my father's side.

I worked in Ecuador as a Jungle Guide for 8 years taking tourists on informative trips throughout the jungle to encounter flora, fauna and local indigenous communities.

In the UK, I worked for 15 years at the Tropical Zoo; An exotic animal rescue centre. I have been an owl trainer, animal handler and animal presenter with insects, reptiles, mammals and birds.

I have vast experience with animal presentations to schools, birthday parties and the general public.

Ed Francis

DCH, Psy Dip, C Cert, ADCH, NLP Cert, Pos Psy, MNSPsy, MNCH

Ed Francis hypnoherapist

Ed Francis is our teams' psychologist, he works with us on set to help the actors and models that have never worked with the animal on the shoot so they are calm and relaxed. If the actor feels nervous then it will show and the animal also picks up on this which makes the whole shot more difficult for the directors, animals and actor.

Ed will even work his magic for your crew if they should have an aversion to the animal on set.

Ed is also a specialist in phobia busting and often comes along on our animal road show to bust those phobias, his nickname is The Spider Whisperer because he loves to bust those spider phobias.

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