Filming with bugs and creepy crawlies


Graham Smith F.R.E.S & Janice Smith F.R.E.S

Graham and Janice are an integral part of our team, working as a couple as qualified entomologists with both holding Fellowships from the Royal Entomological Society (F.R.E.S). Their work involves being series consultants, script writers and directors for major documentaries for Discovery Channel, National Geographic and Netflix amongst others. They even hold exotic macro photography master classes for Jessops photo academy.


Managing an insect house, providing all aspects of care, as well as working on new species including spending time in the field looking for new species.

Big believers in conservation through education Graham and Janice formed the Bug Bonanza which is one of the UK’s largest travelling insect shows and have appeared at many events throughout the UK including shows like ENTOSCI part of the Royal Societies flag ship events.

With over 30 years’ experience they now specialise in enthusing the next generation through education and have successfully served a range of clients, including, many schools, professional bodies, universities, colleges, zoos, entrepreneurs, corporate professionals, non-profit organisations and many TV film and documentaries.

Offering a wide range of services to your filming project Graham and Janice fit in very well with our ethos and guaranteeing the shot you need.

Providing a service that help fire up the imagination and show the importance of the invertebrates and have a lot of fun doing it.